We are all part of a communities—teams, clubs, a grade level, a church group, a staff, a family. There is value in being a part of a community and additional value in connecting these smaller communities so we can understand and support each other in mutually beneficial ways.

CONNECT is named for the core concepts we develop among youth through local service: connecting Community, creating Opportunity, Necessary action, being Nimble and adaptable, cultivating Empathy, Collaborating as partners, and Transforming into lifetime humanitarians. Youthlinc’s mission is to create lifetime humanitarians.

Projects include supporting: refugees, impoverished communities abroad, the homeless population, the food insecure, the elderly, medical workers, people with chronic illness, people with disabilities, youth mentoring programs, to name a few.

Youthlinc CONNECT organizes local service projects for high school clubs and groups just like yours!

CONNECT can organize projects for small (10-20 people), medium (20-50), and large groups (50-100). Service projects can be done at Youthlinc’s office in Brickyard Plaza or we can facilitate projects on-site at the schools. 

Youthlinc partners with over 250 community organizations and nonprofits throughout Utah. We liaison between you and them to do meaningful service projects– so if you have a specific area of interest, we can work with you on a customized project. 

Would you like assistance in helping your student leaders create, plan and execute their own service projects? That’s what we’re here for!