Team Mexico is down to the last link on our paper chain to Chiapas! With one meeting left until departure, we can hardly express how excited we are to almost be in Mexico! At our April meeting, we started getting down to the nitty gritty about our lessons for the children, medical necessities, and our big benefit dinner for our main project while we’re in Bautista Grande: the kitchen!
We also received Youthlinc t-shirts at that meeting, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t get excited after they get a shirt??

At our May meeting, we all realized just how close we are to June! Steve Wise, one of our adult mentors showed us some fun
lesson plan ideas and we finished the details for our benefit dinner on May 14th. We are so excited, and it is definitely showing in our work!
We all can see how much fun it is going to be, especially now that we are so close and have so many projects up and running! On the edge of our seats, we are readier than we’ve ever been. June 25th just won’t come fast enough!

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