We had a very successful first round of team meetings in December! A few of our Alum Leaders gave us a quick recap on what happened at their individual meetings and also took some photos to share. Check it out!
cambodia-june-2  cambodia-june

Cambodia June by Alice Barnett

Cambodia June’s December team meeting was very successful, we mainly focused on the purpose of each committee during the Mentor and Alum meeting and how we can be successful as a team. Once the students came, we focused on the importance of local service and discussed how the students can each be successful at their main service sites. All of the students were excited about their main service sites and getting to serve their local communities! Everyone is excited about the January team meeting, our team retreat, and getting the opportunity to get to know each other better.
“I think that local service is important because it teaches you how to create a personal connection with the people you serve.” -Emma Biddle, Cambodia June participant

Cambodia July by Alyssa Whetstone

Team Cambodia July’s December team meeting went really well! We were able to introduce ourselves and we talked about the types of main service sites that we are working at.  We also had fun talking about committees and thinking about the ones that we would want to be on.  
I asked Lauren Rice why she thought that local service is important.  She said, “I think it helps us to participate and get engaged in the community.”  

Kenya by Lindsey Van Buren

Our first team meeting was amazing. I really felt the connection between everyone was going to grow strong. Everyone was really involved in discussing local service and the importance of it. I’m excited to hear more about each local service experiences later on in the year!
“I’m really excited getting know more people in the community, being their friend and looking forward to serve. ” – Mikalya Mineer
thai-three-slc-3  thai-three-slc

Thailand 3 SLC by Jada Johnson

At our first team meeting we discussed the committees and what they do and then everyone put their top choices down! We also did a get to know you game (bingo) which helped me learned names and faces really quick! Then, we had a few minutes to write thank you letter to our sponsors. We also went over what we will be doing for our retreat and all the details along with that! Finally, our ATL Betsy went over everything involving main service site which was good for people who haven’t picked theirs yet!  I asked a student ‘What are you looking forward to about this local service year?’ They said meeting new people, getting out of their comfort zone and helping others!

Thailand 3 Southern Utah by Kendall Burgess

The meeting went really great! I feel like we connected and opened up a lot more to each other. We’re becoming closer together as our little team. I love that we all are there for great reasons and it’s good to communicate our ideas and all come together to help each other.
Jarom Price tutors after school for one of his favorite teachers at his high school. He thinks that local service is very important and it really shows that you care. He loves that he’s bettering his community with his small acts of service.

Peru Logan by Megan Fogarty

At the Peru Logan December team meeting, we talked a lot about local service and about beginning preparation for our trip. Kallie, our ATL, led us in an activity where we talked in small groups about what a main service site should be, and how to choose a site that will make 80 hours seem easy. Mark and Shelly talked with us about starting to fundraise, focusing on the importance of thanking our sponsors. Our next meeting will be our retreat at a team member’s cabin in bear lake.
Megan Running on why local service is important: “Local service is so important because, as we are members of the community, we need to recognize that there are people in our community that need help. So, as we complete local service, we help those people that live by us, and are our neighbors, and that share the same places that we go to, and we help spread the love in our area, which helps spread it to bigger areas. If everybody did local service, I think it would spread worldwide. There is so much power in serving locally and in what you have to offer to your community.”

Guatemala by Elizabeth Barajas

Our first Guatemala team meeting was very exciting because it was a chance for students, mentors, alum leaders, and team leaders to get to know each other. We also learned more about the things happening throughout the service year. Students had questions and comments about their local service, and they were clarified with an activity and input from alum leaders. Overall, the team seemed to be overwhelmingly excited to be participating in this adventure of humanitarianism. Taylor Durham, a Guatemala participant, says: “Local service is important because you can’t expect to make the world a better place without improving your community and working outward. Also giving back feels good and makes other people feel good.”

Nepal June by Karen Bennett

Nepal June’s first team meeting was very successful! All of the mentors, alums, and students were engaged in the information that was shared in this first meeting; so engaged that we were able to finish the meeting a little early. There was hardly any struggle in persuading students to voice their thoughts about local service. Many of the students have already acquired over 20 of their local service hours, and their growing passion for service is evident.

Thailand 1 by Vanessa Shipley

Our first meeting was wonderful; it was great being able to really meet each other this time.  We played what Adrienne calls, “The Youthlinc Certified Name Game” because it is guaranteed to teach you everyone’s name.  It took the better part of an hour, but by the end, its mission was accomplished.  We watched a short slideshow of some of the things we hope to do for the people of Thailand.  It was so exciting being able to see pictures of the school we will be working with this next summer.  We also were able to discuss local service sites for the upcoming year.  Overall, the meeting was very productive and we are looking forward to meeting together next month.
I also was able to do a quick interview with Kati Ostendorf about why she believes that local service is so important.  She said it is because you should not only help people in other countries, but also where you live, because that is where all of “your people” are and you should serve the people you are around and who you care about.

Peru SLC by Monica Moynihan 

Our first meeting was exciting, because this was really the first time that we all got to sit together and get to know one another. We talked a lot about where the students will be completing their service, and how they can make the most at that site, such as living in the moment, and going in with a positive attitude. The alum leaders and mentors got to explain the committees to the students and the students got to pick their top choices. We have a great team this year, and I am looking forward to seeing the development and growth of our team over the next few months.
I asked Tyler Blake what he was looking forward to about local service this year, and he said “I’m looking forward to being able to actually making a difference in people’s lives, and giving them opportunities that they never would have received if it wasn’t for Youthlinc.”