Peru Logan: Meet your Alum Leaders!

Hey Peru Logan team members! We are excited to start the 2016-2017 Service Year with you. We know you met your Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader at General Orientation (pssst …  read more about them here). We also want to make sure you’re familiar with the awesome Alum Leaders on your team! Alum Leaders […]

Real Life has some holiday fun!

Who doesn’t love a party?! We ended the year at Real Life with a fun-filled holiday party, celebrating a successful first month of programming! We had three stations representing different holidays. The Kwanza station included making a Mishubaa Siba (Swahili term for the seven candles of Kwanza) out of colored popsicle sticks! At the Hanukkah […]

Service Spotlight (2/7/2013)

Youthlinc wants to celebrate the amazing service that our students are doing in the community this year. So we are very excited to announce the launch of the Youthlinc Service Spotlight!  During the 2013 Service Year we will be updating the blog weekly with stories from our participants local service sites around the State of […]