Youthlinc moved your world, so THANK YOU for helping us move the earth for our new building!

Stay tuned for photos of the foundation work and the beginning of construction next Spring!

Thank you to everyone who attended or has supported our Capital Campaign for the Youthlinc Community Center. On Saturday October 24, we were able to hold a Groundbreaking Ceremony to start preparing the land on our new property. 

The program consisted of remarks from Justin Powell, Youthlinc Executive Director; Judy Zone, Youthlinc Founder; Jacque Millard, Board Chair; Shaun Michel, Michel Foundation; and Jennifer Covington, Murray City School District Superintendent. The program concluded by allowing attendees to come and take a picture breaking ground. 

Youthlinc set a goal to raise $140,000 for this event, and we exceeded that goal in raising $172,000. We want to thank you again for supporting us, and are excited for our future new home!

Help us meet the $22,500 match offered the day of the Groundbreaking!

“During these challenging times, we really need something positive to cling-to, something that builds our souls and provides hope. Our youth have been especially hard hit by the lock-down orders and social distancing rules.

Someday, hopefully soon, this pandemic will end. When it does, our young people will need Youthlinc more than ever. The special-purpose building Youthlinc is pursuing is a perfect community gathering place to provide essential services and education, to serve and give back to the community.” ~ Von Wallace, Youthlinc Board Treasurer, CPA