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Our home campus (346 E 4500 S) in Murray - Where Youthlinc first began - will:

  • provide a beautiful, functional space for all of our impactful programming - with plenty of room to grow.
  • serve as an additional Real Life site with neighboring schools, one of which is the most diverse elementary school in the State. We hope to serve James E. Moss Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Hillcrest Junior High, and Murray High School with afterschool programming.
  • Provide some green space and a community center for local residents of all ages in need of life skill enhancing curriculum, a place to mingle, learn, and play together.
  • create opportunities for additional partnerships to benefit the community and provide space for community meetings. Our hope is that low cost rentals of our meeting space will cover utilities – helping our Service Year and GCL programming to remain reasonably priced for all participants.

This one-acre campus will include:

  • nine offices for our Youthlinc operations
  • open office space for Real Life program staff and volunteers
  • 3,200 sq ft dividable Community Center which will also host our new Real Life site
  • Computer lab for our Real Life programming, also available for computer skills programming to those in need in the surrounding community.
  • Mountain view deck, enhancing the community center use for low cost rentals to offset our utilities overhead
  • Catering kitchen
  • Basketball court
  • Community gardens
  • Play field

Our building is designed to symbolize how Youthlinc supports the community through the pillars of humanitarian development:

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Youthlinc has international and local service trips planned for this summer