July 13, 2016

The team had a very joyful day today. We all agree that yesterday was perfect, but somehow, today was even better. Working in the village is changing all of us for the better. The thing that made the day so special was what happened at the end of the day. Once the work day was technically over, we were all preparing to gather and reflect on the work we had done as a team when the rain began. In the blink of an eye, rain came pouring over the town. Everyone ran into the rain, feeling refreshed as the falling drops rinsed away the dirt and sweat we all had all over ourselves. At first, many of us ran under the protection of the surrounding classrooms along with many students. Slowly but surely, we were being drawn into the open grounds of the school where we would be completely exposed to the water. We all seemed to be pretty trusting and stepped into the mud. The children went with us, and began to slide around. The ground was so slippery that we began to fall down which was always followed by an uproar of laughter from everyone in the surrounding area. Students were grabbing the children by the hands and spinning them around until they couldn’t see straight. Meanwhile, Avery Cognard seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he chased children around as they screamed in a playful fear. He ended up holding many large sticks, which he later explained to the rest of us that the children offered him the sticks as a way of surrendering and asking for peace. In other words, according to Avery, that means he won the game. We all have learned to be grateful for things like the rain we felt today, and for each other. We are all grateful to have each other to push us in every way possible. Being on this team means the world to me, and there is no doubt in my mind that the feeling is mutual between all of us.

On a lighter note, we are all craving some American sweets. So to everyone back home: eat some pizza, drink some root beer, and indulge in a brownie in our honor tonight.

-Bri Slaughter