Here are some wonderful updates on what the different committees are doing in preparation for Cambodia.

After much thought and some hard decisions, the Education committee of Cambodia has decided to do some fundraising through a read-a-thon at various elementary schools in Salt Lake City. My team and myself and very excited to branch out into different schools ranging from elementary schools to high schools and reach out to teachers that would be willing to help us. Our goal is to find a teacher that will help us introduce the Youthlinc Cambodia trip and what we are going to be doing for the children in Cambodia. We then are going to have a class participate in a read-a-thon. Another one of our goals is to have each student raise money, even if it is just a penny! We love that this fundraising idea integrates service learning by having the students help us raise money while they are reading. Teachers can take this lesson steps further by integrating math (adding up all the money and even graphing results. I love that we are reaching out to schools in our city to help. It will be exciting and very different to see schools in Cambodia.

The Micro-enterprise committee is staying busy. They are starting an Animals For Easter fundraiser which allows people to buy chickens, pigs, or cows in someone’s name as a gift for Easter, and that animal will be donated to families in Peak Sneng. They are also working on preparing to do oral histories with past and future loan recipients. They are also preparing to teach micro-finance lessons to a group of women interested in starting small businesses in the village.

The Cultural committee are currently organizing opening and closing ceremonies with singing and dancing. They are also preparing prompts for cultural exchanges at the jr/sr high school.

The Medical committee are going to be working on a mosquito net project in which they will start helping families get proper mosquito nets in their homes to protect from insect-borne illness. They are collecting supplies for hygiene kits, and preparing lessons to teach at the schools about staying healthy. They are also planning a special seminar for women and girls to specifically discuss feminine health issues.

The Construction committee are currently doing a fundraiser to raise money to build water filters for families. Here is a link to the organization we are partnering with for that:
They are also going to preparing for repairing the school’s desks, doors, and windows; painting the school, and building composting and garbage pits at the school to help keep it litter-free.

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