Youthlinc is entering the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2011!

Friends, family, humanitarians, kind benefactors, and greater community…

Come join us on November 13, 2010, as we bring the magical beauty and culture of Cambodia here to Utah, for one night only!

November 13
Bangkok Classic, 850 S. State Street, Salt Lake City
5:30 – 6:00 Social Hour
6:00 – 8:00 Dinner and Entertainment
Cost: $30

Come and learn more about this wonderful people and culture. Activities include:

• Khmi (Cambodian) people dressed in traditional clothing.
• Enjoy both fusion and authentic Khmi food.
• Experience the Khmi “Blessing Dance”, and take part in other Khmi traditions of blessings, forgiveness, gratitude and luck.
• Take pleasure in learning the meanings behind artesian carvings made in Cambodia, and those carved a thousand years ago into the temple Angkor Wat.
• Learn of a mysterious ancient culture that equaled ancient Egypt, China and India.

Proceeds will go to help the Youthlinc program get started in Cambodia and sponsor a number of projects in Cambodia including:

• Bring clean water to the Khmi people living in Peak Sneng, Youthlinc’s partner village.
• Make possible better education and health care.
• Know that because of you, better farming techniques will be learned, saving families from starvation—and thereby saving children from prostitution, etc.
• Bring a rotating “Cow Bank” to impoverished families of Peak Sneng.
• Insure that micro-loans become available to create self-sustainability.
• Help raise a whole village out of poverty and hopelessness.
• Assist in creating lifetime humanitarians out of Youthlinc’s Cambodia Group by helping them see the difference one person, motivated by service, can make.

Space is limited, so please R.S.V.P. Ellie (801.467.4417 or by Saturday, November 7, 2010.

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