“Service is the best thing we can do to make a difference in the world.  The hands-on experiences of this trip were unique and eye-opening.”  -Mallory Leonard
“One person might not be able to save the world, but one can certainly change lives.” -Mecham Groneman
“I have a much better attitude toward work, people, life, etc.  I want to continue to volunteer at my service site even though I am done with the local service requirement.”  -Hannah Kriesel
“Youthlinc has set my life in a new direction. I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”  -Rebekah Meads
“We gave them things that we take for granted, but for them, we performed miracles.”  -Mecham Groneman
“I look forward so much to the next time I can volunteer, both internationally and locally.  Our time in the village was the best two weeks of my life and the most meaningful service I’ve ever done.”  -Quinn Olpin
“I don’t speak Khmer, but I could tell by the looks in the mothers eyes how happy they were that people who don’t even know them were helping their children have a chance at a better future.”  -Emily Sorensen
“I have learned the importance and joy of serving others.  The service we provided in Cambodia was life-changing and has inspired me to continue volunteering.”  -Sarah Menlove
“I saw a boy who was looking for food scraps.  I gave him my leftover breakfast bread.  Instead of eating it all, he walked over to his brother and split it.  They are such a humble people.”  -Carina Ream
“To treat everyone with utmost respect and to love them as individuals– this is the best service anyone can give.”  -Ben Lindstrom

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