What a great meeting!  Saturday night marked the first team meeting for the 2012 Friends & Family trip to Peak Sneng, Cambodia. We had a grand ole time getting up to speed about the projects we’ll be working on in Cambodia, the fun we’ll be having visiting Angkor Wat and Siem Reap, and signing up for committees.

The F&F team texting their committee choice to Justin

We have a strong group so far, but due to the scope of the work we’ll be doing in Cambodia, we are opening up the team to continued enrollment!  Here’s a list of our projects:

We’ll be working hard for the next several months to prepare for our trip– putting supplies drives, fundraisers, and learning about Cambodia and how to be successful there.

This trip is shaping up to be amazing and we invite anyone else that is interested to get their application in to Miriam as soon as possible! Read more about the trip in our blog and apply now! And of course, as the Team Leader, let me know if you have questions

Check out an “Airport to Airport” presentation about our upcoming trip.

Youthlinc Cambodia F&F 2012 on Prezi

Plus, here is a video of last summer’s team in the exact village we will be going to.  Enjoy!

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