Today was our 5th workday. Our workdays are full of fun and exciting experiences and memories.

 Throughout our workdays we have had the opportunity to install bio-sand filter systems in the homes of the villagers. These systems are so beneficial and useful to these families. These systems will provide over a hundred years of clean drinking water for these families. So far we have installed 40 filters and will install a total of 50 filters! That is quite the accomplishment! It is so rewarding to see these families and see how incredibly grateful they are. Yesterday we installed a filter in a home and the family was so welcoming and grateful. They were so excited to have us in their home. The father of the home climbed a tree and picked coconuts for us to drink. They cut up pineapple for us and picked some unidentifiable fruits for us to try. After we drank the coconut milk they even chopped the coconuts in half so we could eat the coconut. And to top it off we got to hear from the grandfather in the home about his experiences during the Khmer Rouge Regime. It was such a good experience to know how appreciative and grateful these families are, and to know that all our hard work is really making a difference in the every day lives of these people.

One of our main projects at the Chung Ruk village is the construction of the preschool.  Over the last couple of days we have spent lots of time pouring cement the Cambodian way (by hand), passing buckets of concrete through assembly lines, painting the walls, and painting a mural of the world on the rain water globe all with a Cambodian child in each hand.  We also finished the fence surrounding the school.  
Every second of our workdays that aren’t filled with carrying buckets, juggling paint brushes, or wiping sweat from our drenched bodies is spent interacting with the most adorable kids this world has to offer.  Every morning we are greeted with bouquets of little purple flowers and bright smiling faces.  It is crazy how little we can speak to each other and yet how much we can communicate!  We play lots of duck duck goose and tickle tag!

 Every day a group of students also spends time at the Sustainable Cambodia campus in town teaching the lessons that we have prepared.  During our lesson we had the kids form shapes with wiki sticks on laminated mats.  It was so fun to watch them explore something new.  They are so adorable and happy to learn! 

 Our time here is flying by! We have had some life changing experiences and will forever cherish the people we’ve met and the things we have learned! 

Written by Aubree and Aimee

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