2014 Thailand Dish Washing Area Before and AfterThis year, our amazing Youthlinc teams knocked it out of the park to improve the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi, Thailand.  It took an incredible amount of elbow grease, patience & creativity to accomplish so much.  We congratulate the Youthlinc teams, and partners Rotarian Brad Kenny and Andaman Discoveries for making all this happen to improve education for the Burmese children who have migrated to Thailand.

Improved Kitchen:  A new refrigerator was donated, the floors tiled, walls painted, and purchased items included: cabinets, shelving units, food trays, cutlery, dishes, and bowls.

2014 Thailand Playground Before and AfterPlayground Area:  Layers of sand and gravel were laid down to prepare a proper playing area and foundation for the equipment, the existing playground equipment was painted and fixed to be more safe, tires were cleaned and painted to create a border for the area, as well as play structures, a basketball net was built and cemented into the ground, a concrete drain was constructed to help run off excess water.

Dish Washing Area:  The walls were painted and washing area tiled, across a cement structure was built and dish drying racks were secured onto the walls to provide a place to dry the cleaned dishes.

2014 Thailand Back Wall Before and AfterNursery Bathroom:A bathroom with two toilets and one sink was constructed at the back of the nursery room to accommodate the small children.

Back Wall: A back wall was constructed and painted with a mural.

Side Fence: A side ‘fence’ was planted with two types of local vegetables, they will grow to waist and shoulder height to provide a uninviting border.

2014 Thailand Classrooms Before and AFterClassrooms Floors/Walls:  5 classrooms were tiled and painted.

Hydroponic Gardens:  Two hydroponic gardens were constructed with the help of a team from the Home & Life Foundation Thailand. Since installation a rotation of delicious vegetables has been grown and has inspired the teachers to sell to local restaurants and friends.