Building our Home for
Lifetime Humanitarians-
Past, Present, and Future
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The pandemic has pushed Youthlinc’s original goal for our community center and new home back a year (to 2022).  We are thrilled about the progress we have still been able to make this year.  We know that once the pandemic is behind us that we will have unprecedented demand on the organization, especially as it relates to Real Life programming and other local service needs.  Even now, during the pandemic, we have more requests than ever to expand the scope of our local flagship program. 

The community center will allow Youthlinc to reach new levels of impact with our afterschool support services, our ability to train and support our young humanitarians in their service endeavors in the Service Year, and will be a place where our hundreds of local service partners will have access to low or no cost space for trainings, events, meetings, and community building.  We know the struggle to find suitable space for the various needs of a nonprofit and the financial constraints, and we are looking forward to offering this space to our partners as they seek to fulfill their missions as we carry out ours.

In October 2020 Youthlinc held a socially distanced Groundbreaking event for the new community center in Murray.  Thank you to everyone who attended or has supported the capital campaign so far.

To date we have raised well over $1,000,000 for this project and have another $1,000,000 to go.  We are half way there thanks to all of you who have supported this project the past two years.

Thank you

Ruth Adolphson
Mariah Ahlstrom
Michelle Allen
Mariah Alstrom
Tracy Altman
Nick Altman
Dolly Ames
Jill Andersen
Abbie Anderson
Breeann Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Ashley Anderson
Pete Ashdown
Pamela Aveytua
Tessie Rose Bailey
Rick, Julie, and Grant Bakker
Marque Ball
Joseph Ballstaedt
Gene Banks
Brittany Barlow
Jayne Barnett
Megan Barney
Stephanie and Tim Barrus
Steve Barth
Jenifer Baxter
Micah Beals
Beckerle-Murrell Family Fund
Joquel Begay-Haudley
Abby Bengtzen
Troy Bengtzen
Wade Bennington
Family Bergstrom
Emily Beseris
Wendi Beseris
Ann and Lorris Betz
Mike Bird
Annalisa Blackham
Wally Bloss
Jade Bonomo
Linda Book

Kathie Booth 
Laura Taylor Bowden
Anneli Bowen
Sherrill Bowring
Brendan Bowyer
Maggie Bradford 
Kim Brennan
Gary Brimley 
Kelly & Danny Brock
Genevieve Bryan 
Mary Buehler 
Dave and Lori Buhler 
Mallory Bundy 
Brittany Burket
Shelly Burningham
Rebecca Burton
Jeffery P Callen 
Judi Carpenter 
Greta Carse
Dallas Carter
Christine Casper
Yamille Ceralde
Michelle Chapman
LDS Charities
Molly Chein
Brooke and Kevin Cheney
Lori Chernosky
Susan Chesteen
Dustin Child
Charlotte Christensen
Michelle Clemons
Emily Clissold
Suzanne Clissold
Miranda Collard
Jason Collier
Lois Collins
Robin Colston
Robin Colston
Colleen Connelly
Contravent Family
Catherine Cook

Shalese Cordon
Janae Cox
Maggie Crockett
Justin Crowley
Jeffrey Daun
Victoria Davison
Johanna De Gennaro
Marta DeBellis
Rose Defa
Mike Denison
Jami DeWitt
Marni Diamond
Megan Dolle
Mike and Karen Draper
Kristina Duffin
Sarah Dugdale
Mallorie Duke
Anna Edelman
Ronda Eiting
Nicole Ekberg Warburton
Josh and Liz England
Mark Erickson
Guy Eroh
Miara Farnsworth
Cris Fischer
Christy Froehlich
Peter Frost
Christine Fruehwirth
Jennifer and Scott George
Joni Glynn
Sarah Grant
Cecil Gurr
Chelsea Gustafson
Niki Hack
Ruth Hadlock
Cindy Haglund
Jenessa Halliday
Paul and VIcky Halliday
Steve Hanni

Brent Hansen
Karen Hansen
Kimberly Hansen 
Ronald M. Harris
Emily Harris
Scott Harris 
Denise Haslam
Bryan Herrera 
Anna Hibbard 
Jackie Hibbard 
Kenzie Hirai
Tanner Holcomb
Pamela Holindrake
Anna Holman
Karin Holt
Cindy Holtom 
William Humenik 
Lisa Hunter
Jennifer Hymas
Daniel Jackson 
Lucas Jensen 
Liz Jensen 
Patricia Jensen 
Nicole Jessen
Sylvia Jessen
Olivia Johnson 
Chamonix Johnston
Julie Jones 
Dan Kaelberer
Steven Karissik 
Safia Keller
Nancy Kelley
Catalina King
Joyce Kinkead
Gerald Krueger
Alyson Kyle
Julie Langie
Genna Lasko
Matt Law
Sancy Leachman
Scott A. Leckman
Nate Leishman
Katie Lewis
Francis Lilly
Jason Lowery

Derick Loyola
Noelle Lupus
Margaret Maack
Susan Marks
George Martin
Paul Matthews
Lisa Maxfield
Jerika Mays
Homer Mays
Susan McCandless
Johnny and Patti McConnell
Alicia McCoy
Kyler McGee
Erin McMaster
Amanda McPherson
Julie Meads
LeeAnn Meads
Shaun Michel
Jacque Millard
Rotary Millcreek
Rebecca Moffat
Megan Moffat
Chloe Moss
Theo Moss
Shannon Moss
Jackie Moynihan
Emily Muir
Phillip Muir
Melanie Mullins
Fiston Mwesige
Sidnee Myers
Lisa Needham
Tanner Nelson
Debbie Nelson
Namphoung Nguyen
Gabriella Nielson
Stacy Nisogi
Dallen Ormond
Tami Ostmark
Vivi Papaderos
Mark Paradise
Roger and Tricia Parkin

Brett Parkin
Charitable Fund Parks Family
Family Parry
Patty Patterson
Trindilyn Pearce
Althea Peterson
Diane and Val Peterson
Kristi Phillips
Marilyn Phillips
Cami Player
Ruth Porter
Bruce & Karen Powell
Stephanie Powell
Emily Powell
Lanette Powell
Justin and Britnie Powell
Doug and Stephanie Powell
Denise Quenell
Ginny Queri
Lindsee Rasmussen
Jaclyn Ray
Pernille Ream
Charles Redd
Leah Redden
Mark Redican
Amy Reeder
Madeline Rencher
Amber Robinson
Courtney Rogers
Melanie Rossiter
Amy Royer
Sherry Rudin
Mallory Sandberg
Micadyn Sanders
Alexia Sauer
Maggie Sause 
Tomoko Schlag
Karla Schwarting
Melanie Sharp 
Scott Simpson
Kelli Smith
Gerry Smith 

Paul Smoot
Alan/Heidi Snarr
Nancy Sonkens
Ellie Sonntag
Melissa Spencer
William Spendlove
Family Steenburgh
Emma Stephens
Craig Stratton
Paul Stringham
Laurie Summers
Elizabeth Sunday
Beatriz Sunderland-White
Rachel Sweet
Laura Talauega
Arowyn Tanner
Jordan Taylor
Carrie Taylor
Aubrey Taylor
Shannon Tilly
Trevor Tooke
Anne Van Hoose
David Veentra
Pat and Al Vitale
Von and Wendy Wallace
Rebekah Watts
Michael Wells
Michael Wheeler
DawnRae Wheeler
Jill Whitney
Lisa Whittaker
Gracie Wilkinson
Megan Williams
David Wintzer
Sonia Woodbury
Kim Woodland
Pearl Wright
Brianna Yost
Selena Young
Tyler Young
Dean ZoBell
Judy & John Zone
Kim Zweber