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From June 13 to June 15 we spent 54 hours traveling to our destination. This was broken up with 4 flights and one awesome excursion in Singapore. In Singapore we went to Gardens By the Bay which are these massive super trees and flower dome that has been built to help control pollution. These massive super trees are actually solar panels that use their energy to light up at night and power the flower dome. These trees also catch acidic rain and filter it down to plants that have the ability to pull carbon dioxide out of the water. The trees are also able to pull water out of the humid air and use it to create a humid, tropical environment inside the flower dome without wasting water. It was an amazing experience to be able to have. Even totally worth the rain that gave us all a nice soaking before having to go back to the airport.
Once we got to Nepal we were all exhausted and gross. They feed us a wonderful dinner before quickly sending us up to shower and pass out. The following day we were able to sleep in and take plenty of time to rest and restore before our excursion. We went to Durbar square, a traditional healing/signing bowl store, and the monkey temple. While we all loved every place we went we all were a littler scared of the traffic. The driving here is just mayhem and honestly a thrill for those who aren’t used to being mere inches away from other massive buses or buildings.
On Sunday we had our opening ceremonies and were able to meet the children at the orphanage that we will be serving at. The owner of the orphanage was born with 24 fingers and his parents banished him to live with the animals. At age 7 he left to commit suicide but ended up as a beggar instead. For the next 20 years he begged on the streets until he had raised $5,000 and was able to open the orphanage. He now takes care and houses 45 children. They all have access to shelter, water, food, and education. He has provided amazing care for these kids. They just recently had their first child graduate school and he has already started working. After opening ceremonies we hiked over 2 miles to get to the school, all up hill. It was a humbling experience considering these kids have to walk every day and it’s not an easy walk. At the school we got to play and dance around with the kids. Now the bus ride home was a new experience. The rain had soften the ground and the pot holes were massive. Our bus would feel like it was completely sideways and just moments away from tipping over. Luckily it didn’t but once we were downhill we all felt relieved.
On Monday we started our work. At the school we had dance classes, hacky sack lessons, and fun art projects. The vocational team started teaching the women to crotchet. The women picked it up very quickly and were already advancing more than any of us thought they would. Paul taught men’s health while Bella and Jonessa taught our women’s health. It was a big hit! Our construction group had a very big day as well. We lucked out and had no rain so we were able to dig a trench and start the foundation for the wall. Construction took a long time and our whole team had to help out at the end getting all the cement work done. But we pulled together and were able to push through!