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Adios to Guatemala…the final post of 2013

Dear Family and Friends:2013GuatemalahugJulieKellerjpg

It is the last time we write to you as we conclude our memorable trip to Guatemala. We ended our trip with more accomplishments than anticipated; we built 16 bunk beds for 4 students to share per bed, created a soil base from scratch for the micro-tunnels, created 6 eco-benches with recycled bottles, painted the boys dorms and helped cement a pathway to the entrance of the comedor of the school. We also taught about the wonders of teenage health and the consequences of our health decisions. More specifically, we taught the girls how to keep track of their menstruation cycle for the best results of their health.

We also did our health talk with the ladies of the village, while the microenterprise group showed the other villagers how to use chickens for a self based economy. While this happened some of us had our oral histories with the villagers, playtime with the kids and all of us joined for the closing ceremony.

Aside from what we learned from the interactions with the people, all of us realized the importance of communication, teamwork, and self-time. We learned a lot about each other as a team through sharing this experience, working with each other in frustrating times and leadership skills.Guatemala22

What we’ve done in Guatemala is nothing near what the people, culture and environment has taught us. The most basic realizations we all had as a group was the happiness in a simplistic lifestyle, preconceived ideas are hurtful and the luxuries of being an American. These ideas plus the individual experiences will make us think gratefully and intuitively.

Guatemala has helped us grow so much as an individual; it’s impressive what two weeks can do you. As we conclude our thoughts, all of feel that Guatemala will always be a part of us.

Special Thanks to:  Ruth Adolphson, Miriam Kramer, Steve  Barth, Elise Reifschneider, Wendy Barlow, Jennie Bethers, Cavett Eaton, Bruce Powell, Madeline Rencher, Georgina, Eduardo, Valeriano, Jose Domingo Caal, Martin Simonini, Enzo Simonini, and our wonderful boat drivers, all those at Finca Tatin, and Ak’tenamit!

Thank you to our sponsors, friends and family who were so supportive of us Youthlincers.


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