“Youthlinc provided opportunities for us to reach out to others and realize the impacts of meaningful service. I personally felt Youthlinc provided experiences to care deeply for others, these experiences have embedded a drive within me to continue volunteering locally and internationally.”

-Ryan Johnson, 2015 Kenya Service Year Student

“I will continue to volunteer because I have seen firsthand how it helps people. It makes them and myself more humble and happy.”

-Olivia Walker, 2016 Thailand Service Year Student

“Thank you for the best experience of my life.”

-Martha Werner, 2017 Nepal Service Year Student

“Youthlinc changed my life and I will forever continue to volunteer.”

-Anna Kelly, 2017 Peru Service Year Student

“You don’t need to go halfway across the world to make a difference—some of the most meaningful things during my Youthlinc experience happened here in Utah.”

-Libby Dallimore, 2016 Nepal Service Year Student

“I learned of the hardships that people in my own community experience. After my experience in Guatemala, I have gained a better initiative to serve both locally and internationally.”

-Lena Chan, 2016 Guatemala Service Year Student

“Youthlinc has taught me how to serve others with my whole self and that’s no feeling that even slightly compares to that.”

-Tyler Blake, 2017 Peru Service Year Student