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Opening ceremonies in the village were great. The kids were all lined up and running to the bus to greet us with hugs and flower crowns that they made. We shared our cultural dance with them and had a huge dance party for about an hour with the kids. They loved dancing with us! The boys played a good game of soccer together. 


Construction consists of digging holes for wooden posts and moving dirt. They have baskets, shovels,coconut shells and bowls for digging the holes. We got quite a bit done. We leveled out the pre-school with dirt and finished a whole side of the wooden posts for the fence. Home visits got started. A group rode bikes to people’s houses and they let us sit with them in their houses and ask them questions about their lives. They were very kind, and open to answering our questions. 


That evening we rode tuk tuks (carriages pulled by a motorcycle) around the town and visited Golden Boat Island where we participated in zumba with the old ladies in the park. 

On excursion day we rode to the waterfall with friends from Sustainable Cambodia and swam around in the river. We had lunch and afterwards we went to a pagoda on the top of a mountain. We started the climb to the top and were surprised by the amount of stairs to get there. There were about 400! We met a monk and he taught us about Buddhist tradition. It was so hot it started raining. When we returned to the hotel, a few people in the group went to the local market and some got massages at a spa down the street.