The calendar year is rapidly closing in on us, but the Youthlinc year has just begun. In the past few months, members have been planning with their teams and putting in hours weekly of local service. We’re each so absorbed in our our individual volunteer efforts that we’re unaware of what other Youthlinc members are up to. While my main service is the Real Life in Salt Lake program, I was curious about others’ volunteer endeavors. I talked to my fellow-Thailander Katelin Turner to learn about her volunteer experience at the Discovery Gateway.
        A few days a week, Katelin journeys down to the Gateway plaza to the local children’s museum. At the Discovery Gateway, Katelin helps out by socializing and playing with the kids (and cleaning up after them!). Her volunteer experience has been rewarding because she gets to see how much fun the kids have at the museum. She also says she enjoys observing how the tots play with each other. Katelin remarked, “It really helps me be able to see how differently little kids work and think compared to older kids. Volunteering at Discovery has made me become better at working with kids of all ages by making me be more patient and understanding with the kids.”
        Way to go, Katelin, and every Youthlinc member, for staying absorbed in the volunteer community in  rewarding ways! Go Team Thailand! 😉

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