January is a special month in Youthlinc land. Every team hosts an over-night retreat for team members. Some stayed in the Youthlinc office, others stayed at a team member’s home or cabin. Teams played getting-to-know-you bingo among other team building games. Teams broke into committee groups for the very first time. Lastly, every team hosted a service project that benefited genuinely needy individuals.


Youthlinc Guatemala participants visited the Wentworth at East Millcreek Assisted Living and made colorful collages with the residents. If residents were unable to attend the craft, Youthlinc participants would visit with the individual in his or her room.


Youthlinc Peru participants cleaned the PAL South Salt Lake facility. After scrubbing walls, cleaning exercise equipment, washing windows, sweeping the floor, and vacuuming the carpet the facility was squeaky clean.





Youthlinc Kenya participants donated packaged food items such as cheese sticks, applesauce, chips, and cookies and put together 100+ sack lunches for homeless individuals. Participants donated the sack lunches to the Salt Lake City Mission.



Youthlinc Cambodia participants created nearly 100 file-folder learning games to teach children mathematics, color recognition, and much more. These file-folder learning games will be donated to the Krang Popleok and Chhueteal Rong Primary Schools in Cambodia.

Nepal June

Youthlinc Nepal June participants put together 10 quilts for the LDS Humanitarian Center. Michelle Bawden and Karen Draper generously sewed the blankets and the Youthlinc participants put the final touches by tying the quilts.


Nepal July

Youthlinc Nepal July participants made 100+ fleece blankets that were donated to Primary Children’s Hospital. Participants were able to really get to know one another as they sat around the blanket and cut fabric and tied knots.

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Thailand June

Youthlinc Thailand June students made 250+ valentine decorations (door hangings, cute animals, etc.) for patients at Primary Children’s Hospital. Participants donated the supplies and their own time to make this project a reality.

Thailand June, Retreat Service Project-16


Thailand June, Retreat Service Project-29

Thailand July

Youthlinc Thailand July made 60+ fleece blankets for the St. Anne’s Center in Ogden. Blankets will be distributed to homeless individuals and families. St. Anne’s Center provides many resources including access to shelter, housing placements, meals, and basic household items.