On dreary days everyone can use a little pick me up.  Our favorite way to do that? MUSIC!  Here are 5 songs that speak to service and the importance of it in our lives.  

These 5 students on the Guatemala and Kenya team also sing service in their daily lives! Thanks for your uplifting examples ladies!    

Amanda Phillips

“I am a volunteer at the Hser Ner Moo Refugee Welcome Center.  The center is located in South Salt Lake, and serves refugees from around the world.  At the center I work with grades K-12th on homework, English/reading skills, and acclimating to living in America.  I co-supervise a program called “Mentoring 4 Moo”, in which 20 Westminster College students are paired with a teen refugee.  The mentor and mentee commit to meet once a week to work on homework or areas that the mentee is struggling.  This group also focuses on sharing culture and creating friendships.  I also have the privilege to participate in a snowboarding program with five teens from the Hser Ner Moo Center called Chill.  This program gives the teens the experience of snowboarding, they would not have other wise.  In the year and half I have volunteered for the Hser Ner Moo Center, those I have served are dear to my heart.”  

Brynna McCausland
“The majority of my local service hours are done at Knowlton Elementary school in Mrs. Gladwells kindergarten classroom. Each day I arrive around 2:30 and do various projects for Mrs. Gladwell, help the students with whatever they’re working on, or read the kids stories. My local service is especially fun for me because my niece Harper is in the class. I love helping out in Mrs. Gladwells classroom and watching the students learn and grow each day. I’ve grown so incredibly close to these kids and the service is very rewarding.”

Olivia Belman

“I’ve been volunteering with the Real Life in Salt Lake City program, and it has been a great experience so far! The kids we work with at Real Life are all great kids full of energy and we have a blast with them no matter what we’re doing. We work on all sorts of things throughout the week, from etiquette to cooking competitions! I have already seen some of their attitudes and English greatly improve in the time that all of the volunteers have been there. I think that this program has really helped prepare me for teaching lessons and working with students at my international service site, Guatemala.”

Lauren Jackson
“I volunteer at the Soldier Hollow Charter school. I take the kids out during their PE time and teach them how to cross country ski. We play games and get to know each other. I also give special attention to some kids and give them a little extra help on how to ski” 

Brooke Snow

“I have had the great opportunity to work at The Children of Hope Academy in St. George. I go in 2 to 3 times a week and work with a special needs girl named Angie who I have been partnered up with. Each time we meet, we work on a variety of skills, such as math, numbers, reading, counting, and even physical skills like skipping. It has been amazing to see how quickly she has progressed and the amount of knowledge that she has retained even in the short time that I have been there. Working each week with her has given me a chance to find her strengths and weaknesses so that we can know what to work on and help her improve on. I have never been in an educational environment where there has been more love and caring for individuals than the Children of Hope Academy. I am excited to continue working with the academy as long as I am in St. George.” 

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