March is the month that our teams head up to the University of Utah International Travel Clinic. As you’ll hear from your Team Leader: Keeping our teams safe is Youthlinc’s number 1 priority.

Read this blog to learn more about staying safe while traveling abroad.

Here are some essentials you should know before your upcoming medical clinics:

  1. The University has partnered with Youthlinc for over a decade to provide a travel health clinic for teams, where they receive travel health-related counseling, advice and information, immunizations and prophylactic medications and advice and prescriptions for emergency medications.
  2. Click here to read more about what is recommended for your site, and here for cost information. You should contact your insurance company to find out what they will cover before coming to the medical clinic.
  3. To make life easier for everyone (including yourself) on the day of your clinic, fax (801.585.2293) or e-mail your registration forms to the University of Utah asap! If you don’t have these forms, get in touch with your Team or Alum Leader.
  4. On the day of your clinic at the University of Utah Hospital, you’ll check in at Clinic 1. Afterward, a doctor will give you a presentation on how to stay safe while traveling. Then, you will get your shots/prescriptions as needed.

After you return from your trip, you will be asked to fill out a survey administered by the University of Utah health clinic. The objective of the survey is to explore the following self-reported travel health topics:

For more health-related information, call the University International Clinic at 801.581.2898.

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