The backbone of daily operations at Youthlinc is the staff.  We are able to accomplish and carry out all that we do because of the care and dedication they take every day. Youthlinc is solid and professional and the staff is a large part of that. Thank you to all of the staff members that had a part this past year in propelling Youthlinc and our mission forward.

Youthlinc Staff

Justin 3
Executive Director

Justin Powell

Jordan 3
International Service Director

Jordan Taylor

Shannon 3
service year Director

Shannon Moss

Real Life DIrector

Melissa Pearson

Associate REAL LIFE Director


Allie 2
Fnance director

Allie Baxter

GCL Director

Jessica Roueche

Marketing and Communications Director

Sarah Remund

board of

A note from LeeAnn Meads, Youthlinc Board President:

As we conclude our 2022 year and look forward to 2023 it is important to recognize all those that have worked so hard to continue the legacy of Youthlinc.  We have a tremendous staff that shoulders heavy loads and does it with enthusiasm, kindness, creativity, and optimism.

All programs are continuing to rebound from the challenges of Covid 2020. We are adjusting and working hard to gain momentum as the new paradigm necessitates innovative problem solving to move programs in positive directions.

Real Life, GCL, Local Service Directory and our newest CONNECT are gaining traction, while Service Year and trips continue to require creativity. We are hoping to eventually rebound to our pre-Covid numbers and look for new ways to garner enthusiastic new recruits.

As the economy has hit each of us in different ways it has also impacted our Capital Campaign.  We are trying to look outside the box for ways to fund and complete this most needed building.  Our programs are in such need of a new expanded home.  We continue to be optimistic that these funds can be acquired to move this most important project forward.  With the addition of new board members and their varied expertise we are hopeful for new ideas and contacts to make this happen.

2023 look out!  We are going to move and shake this year! 

2022 Youthlinc
Board of Directors

LeeAnn Meads

Board President

Tami Ostmark

Vice President

Derek Drysdale


Jackie Hibbard


Scott Anderson

Financial Chair

Stephanie Black

Christine Casper

Craig Coleby

Miranda Collard

Colleen Connelly

Mike Homlstrom, MD

Morgan Parry

Jacob Sharkey

Kristi Phillips

Andrea Young

Judy Zone

Youthlinc Founder

Youthlinc started in 1999, when Founder Judy Zone was a secondary school teacher. She has been asked to tell the story so many times, we’ve printed here: