Global Community Leadership


Global Community Leadership, in partnership with Utah State University, has been on hiatus during the pandemic. However, we are excited to announce that we will be resuming these humanitarian/academic study abroad opportunities in May 2022!  In May we will have three groups going out and then another in July.

Peru: Leadership and Global Health

Participants will complete service projects in Iquitos, Peru and along the Amazon River near the Brazil border. Students will learn about applied leadership principles in an international development context and global health issues.

Nepal: Outdoor Product Design

Participants will spend two weeks abroad studying, working, and exploring along the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. Students will work on various sustainability projects, immerse themselves in the vibrant culture, and explore the social and economic impacts of the outdoor industry.

Rwanda: Genocide, Reconciliation, & Peacebuilding

This course seeks to help students understand genocide and its lasting impact (psychologically, socially, economically, and politically), as well as the search for justice and peace. Over a two-week period, students will travel to key national sites and meet with governmental, academic, and NGO representatives to learn about the Rwandan genocide and its relatively unique path towards justice, reconciliation, and peacebuilding. Key themes we will be exploring over this period will include: the the roots and nature of genocide, “ethnic” and national identity, the role of external actors (both secular and religious) in fostering division and peace in the country, and the role of community, NGOs, religion, and government in the effort to create peace, stability, and sustainable development in the aftermath of violent conflict.

Vietnam/Cambodia: National Identity in Post-war Area

This program will help participants understand the broader global-political context of the conflict in Southeast Asia (including the Vietnam War) and the Cambodian genocide. The primary focus is on understanding the lasting impact and legacy of war and violence on national governments, economies, the environment, and especially individuals and communities. Through the vehicle of narratives – memoirs, fiction, and individual storytelling – this course aims to put a human face on the often abstract concept of war and violence.


Study abroad and have a unique hands-on service-learning experience. Each team has a specific academic focus and international projects.