First monthly meeting – success! A great way to get this journey off to a good start! The initial adventure was finding the office (or was it just me?), but that wasn’t enough to hold the lot of us. Because we still didn’t know each other that well, and since we’ll be traveling the world together we played Thailand Team Bingo, finding out that most of us like to dance (whew!), few of us share February birthdays and some of us are too tall/short to win at this game. In all, it was a good time!
Judy Zone, Youthlinc’s fearless leader, kicked things off with letting us know how incredible this journey would be. She also gave us tips on how to fundraise for our trip, a concept that many of us will learn as we raise the money we need to pay for our trip and supplies. We’re in good hands.  Afterwards Thailand Team’s Terrific Trio – Carson, Bobby and Siri – assigned us our team jobs and committees. We broke off into groups, met with our new mentors, and discussed our roles for the team. It sounds like we have a lot of energy and creative minds – Thailand won’t know what hit them!
And what better way to finish off the meeting than to do the world some holiday good and make some Christmakwanzikah Holiday cards for senior citizens. I just know these awesome, newly minted, glittery-mess-of-goodness cards will drive Hallmark out of business.
 Jenna, recently promoted to Team Building Activity Leader, said, “It was fun! It was good getting to know everyone.” Aubrey said she hopes to gain more from this experience, “I look forward to making new friends and helping others.” 
I can’t think of any better way of creating life-long relationships than to combine it with saving the world. One Hallmark-esque card at a time. Thailand – here we come.  
~Stay tuned. Next update will be after our next meeting on January 12. Bloggers out~
Itzak Lefler & Emily Kwok– Thailand Team Bloggers

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