Last year, 181 Youthlinc Service Year students contributed a total of 15,357 hours of local service throughout the state of Utah. Isn’t that outstanding? Our secondary and college students gain a better understanding of the needs in their community. Student form meaningful relationships as they become a relied-upon volunteer. Some even gain skills and experiences that lead to future jobs and career paths. Young people learn that they do not have to travel across the world to make the world a better place, they can make a difference right here, at home. The full impact of the Youthlinc’s local service requirement is difficult to quantify, however, a recent self-report survey of Youthlinc alumni show that the majority of our students are more likely to continue to volunteer after participating in the Youthlinc Service Year. Emily Buhler, a 2014 Thailand June Service Year Student, states, “Before Youthlinc, I enjoyed volunteering but didn’t know where to go to find opportunities. Now I know I can always find volunteer work at my main service site at The Ronald McDonald House and can use the Local Service Directory to find more opportunities.”

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View the charts below to view where our 2013-2014 Youthlinc Service Year Students volunteered throughout Utah. Click on graph to view clearer image.