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Each day as we are reflecting on the day we had with the students we are finding the greater joy in each and every day. The kids are more eager to see us each and everyday and it makes us more eager to teach them.   Today the business committee was able to teach at a vocational school and found that the Thai culture enjoys simpler times. The committee really enjoyed getting to teach about business ethics and seeing how interested they were in learning about business and giving them new ideas.  The mural was painted and unique details are being placed with an under water theme. The service year students are really enjoy hanging out with  the students when the day is over and the kids should be going home but stay to play soccer and different games just to spend time with us.



Word for today Su mai



As a team today we painted a ton of fish and seaweed on the murals with different characters from Nemo and The Little Mermaid. The kids are really excited about helping us in any way they can. They just want to be involved even though it’s the weekend and it’s so cute to see their faces when we give them a paint brush.



Today as a team we visited Wat Bupharam Museum and Trat Museum and were able to experience local water. We took a boat ride to Mongrove Forest and played coconut bowling where everyone had a great time. For lunch the team got to eat with red eyed bald eagles and had a super cool experience. Overall the team is meshing together really well and we are becoming a bigger family with lots of memories.



We spent most of the day painting the mural to make sure it was finished for closing ceremonies and as a team were able to finish the canteen the mural and the garden. It’s the cutest thing when the kids hear the truck and they start running through the village to get to the school to see us with their big smiles. They try and be our helpers but really we just like to play and hang out with them when we don’t have paint brushes or plants in our hands.