You might be Utah’s Young Humanitarian if..

  1. You get butterflies in your stomach when someone starts talking about a cool service project and how to join.

  1. You have to reschedule a date because a service project just came up (but at least you invited your date to join).

  1. You get uncommonly upset about human rights violation stories in the news. (How can our world be so unjust?!) And then immediately begin making plans to change the world.

  1. You always get the call to come pick up random donations from everyone in your neighborhood.

  1. You used grandma’s birthday money to pay for next summer’s humanitarian trip.

  1. You have legitimately considered shipping your extra food to people in Africa instead of throwing it away.

  1. You have invited all of your Facebook friends to your next service project.

  1. You spend more time in a week volunteering than working. In fact, you may have sold plasma to pay for next week’s rent.


  1. You would rather spend hours helping an elderly couple next door rake leaves (for free of course!) rather than watch Netflix.

  1. When someone needs help, they ask YOU, because they know you will be there.

Youthlinc Young Humanitarian Award   deadline: March 18, 2015