Global Community Leadership

Global Community Leadership

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The Global Community Leadership program (GCL) is a fifth Youthlinc core program.  GCL is designed to meet the demand of university students, including Youthlinc alums and adult professionals, to have an integrated local and international service experience embedded in academic learning.  Curriculum will explore:

  • Local and global citizenship
  • Best-practice domestic and international development
  • Assessment of common humanitarian principles
  • Leadership development
  • Project management
  • Advocacy
  • Practical hands-on service

This program invites and inspires participants to ask difficult and probing questions about what it means to be responsible citizens engaging in local and international humanitarian efforts.

GCL is firmly rooted in Youthlinc’s mission of creating lifetime humanitarians.  GCL will stay true to guiding participants in an impactful direction, creating community leaders who have a practical and academic understanding of the complexities of local and international citizenship and humanitarianism.

GCL is designed to be a platform for college students desiring to enter into fields where global community leadership is applicable.

Students on the GCL team will be able to earn 3 transcript credits through Utah State University (HEP 5200).

GCL will partner Youthlinc with foreign NGOs to facilitate a meaningful practicum of experience in on-the-ground service and sustainability.  GCL participants will have the option of extending their Youthlinc GCL experience beyond the 2-week international portion to do extended internships with foreign NGOs, possibly for additional university credit.

The first GCL team will go to Cambodia.  The tentative dates are: May 29, 2017 through June 9, 2017.  The cost will be $3,499, which includes airfare, food, water, accommodation, in-country transportation, all in-country activities, and program fees. This does not include passport, visa, immunizations, tips related to travel in Cambodia, or souvenirs.

Youthlinc is a 501c3 nonprofit, so trips are tax-deductible and participants will be able to fundraise through Youthlinc’s social fundraising software.