Our Staff

Justin Powell

Executive Director

Justin has been involved with Youthlinc since 2008 when he joined the Thailand team as a mentor.  Since then, he has been on a total of 11 Youthlinc trips, including a multi-time team leader, to Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, Kenya, and Madagascar.  He has lived abroad for several years, including Australia, South Korea, Egypt, and Vietnam.

Justin has been instrumental in expanding Youthlinc’s Real Life program.  He has helped Real Life grow from two sites to twelve in the past three years.  He has strengthened partnership with Promise South Salt Lake, and forged new partnerships with Asian Association of Utah, Salt Lake City School District, Granite School District, and Department of Workforce Services.

Locally, he has volunteered with refugee and under-served youth and adults and formed a civic engagement club in the Salt Lake City School District.  Justin was a high school teacher in English, history, and business.  He taught at the Salt Lake Center for Science Education and at West High School.  He has an International Business degree from Westminster College, an English degree from the University of Utah, and a Master’s of Teaching degree from Westminster College.

Justin’s wife, Britnie, has been a part of Youthlinc since it was founded in 1999 .  Justin’s son is the youngest Youthlincer on record going on 4 trips already.  Justin and Britnie also just welcomed twin girls to their AND the Youthlinc family in July 2017.

Shelly Burningham

Real Life Director

Shelly has been involved with Youthlinc since 2011 when she joined the Kenya team as an education mentor.  It was a magical experience. She immediately became a dedicated volunteer because she strongly believes in Youthlinc’s mission to create lifetime humanitarians. Since then, she has served as a team leader to Guatemala, Peru, Nepal and Cambodia.

Shelly says that the biggest draw to Youthlinc is the opportunity participants have to serve both locally and internationally. Shelly is excited to work as the Real Life Director because she can continue fostering the value of local service. Real Life is a peer mentoring program with a life skills curriculum befitting refugees and under-served youth in Salt Lake City.

Shelly has a degree in Family History Studies from Brigham Young University and a Paralegal Studies degree from Mountianwest College of Business. She worked six years as a certified Paralegal and ten years as an Elementary Teacher in the Davis County School District.

Shelly is the mother of three children and a grandmother of four adorable grandchildren. Her greatest joy comes from her husband and family. Her second greatest passion is service and Shelly delights in helping our youth value and incorporate service in their lives.

Jerika Mays

International Service Director

As a Youthlinc student participant on the 2008 Kenya team, Jerika  simply fell in love with the idea of serving both locally and internationally and has been involved with Youthlinc ever since. Jerika has served as an Assistant Team Leader (2011), Real Life Intern (2011), Mentor (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017), Youthlinc Board Member (2012-2014), Young Humanitarian Award Finalist (2010), and Local Service Director (2014-2017).

Jerika has always made community service a priority in her life. She founded the first Interact Club at Brighton High School (2006-2009) and organized several cultural exchange initiatives on the Hopi Reservation. While attending Westminster College, Jerika started the Westminster College Rotaract Club (2011-2012) and planned college-wide service projects through the Katherine W. Dumke Center for Civic Engagement. Jerika is now actively involved in the Murray Satellite Rotary Club, which is a Rotary club for young professionals in the Salt Lake valley.

Previously, Jerika worked as a Families First Specialist at Utah Youth Village where she taught parenting and life skills to families referred by the Juvenile Courts and DCFS. In her free time, Jerika finds herself studying as a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Community Leadership program at Westminster College.

Shannon Moss

Local Service Director 

Shannon’s involvement with Youthlinc began in 2015 as a parent of a Youthlinc student. Watching the growth and development in her own daughter ignited the dedication she has for Youthlinc and it’s mission. Service as a way of life is something she is passionate about and finding an organization that shares these same beliefs has been important to her.

Internationally, Shannon’s family sponsors a young girl from Colombia to come to the United States each year for a prosthetic fitting due to a birth defect.  She says watching her family bond with someone who speaks a different language has been inspiring. Through these experiences, she has found that love transcends language barriers and physical differences.

Shannon believes what sets Youthlinc apart from other organizations is its local service component. She believes that local service is where lifetime humanitarians are born. She is excited to help support Youthlinc students to foster a lifetime of service.

Shannon graduated from the University of Utah in Early Childhood Education and received her MBA in 2013. She taught pre-K for 14 years and was in the financial industry for 4 years. She is a lifelong learner and continues to explore new ways she can learn and grow in her life.

Shannon bio

Megan Dolle

Graphic Designer

Megan is Youthlinc’s Graphic Designer.  She first joined Youthlinc as a student on the 2012 Peru team, then was the Real Life intern in 2013 and went to Peru again that summer.  Megan was named Utah’s Young Humanitarian in 2013 for her service with Real Life, ONE, Good in the Hood and ASUU Community Service, among other organizations. She has been the Real Life Assistant Director since 2014.

One of Megan’s fondest service memories was her trip to Yanamono II, Peru with Youthlinc in 2012. She made deep friendships with community members and found her calling for public health. She still keeps in contact with many of her Peruvian friends to this day, inspiring her to move forward with Spanish and continue making personal relationships in the communities she works.

Megan has a BA in International Studies with a Global Health emphasis and Spanish minor from the University of Utah.  She has studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain and participated in two other cultural exchanges as an English teacher in Kenya (2014) and Colombia (2015).

Outside of Youthlinc, Megan owns her own photography business and enjoys creating memories with her clients. She loves to travel, but struggles reconciling this with her profound obsession of owning a dog.

Melissa Pearson

Operations Manager

All her life, Melissa has been passionate about serving those around her. In the past she has had the opportunity to volunteer with English Language Learners at Salt Lake Community College, Refugees at the Asian Association of Utah, the homeless population, and refugee teens at Real Life. She went on her first humanitarian trip to Peru in 2010 and her first Youthlinc trip to Thailand in 2015. Since then, she has had the opportunity to be a Real Life intern and now the Operations Manager for Youthlinc.

When she first heard about the Youthlinc program, Melissa knew it was something she wanted to take part in. She loves the Youthlinc mission and everything it stands for. In particular, she likes the opportunity that it gives for people to serve both locally and internationally. Melissa is passionate about learning and graduated from Westminster College with her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health in 2016. She hopes to one day go back and earn her Master’s and maybe someday her Doctorate as well.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys many hobbies such as reading, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing,  dancing, and travel.

Jackie Moynihan

Community Liaison

Jackie has been involved with Youthlinc for several years as a Real Life volunteer and working at Youthlinc Annual Benefits, and she participated in her very first Service Year as a mentor on the Peru July Team this summer! She loved the experience so much that she decided to jump on board with the awesome Youthlinc team. Service has always been an important part of Jackie’s life. She grew up working with many elderly, homeless, American Indian, low-income and refugee populations in Utah and neighboring states. She thinks Youthlinc’s mission of creating lifelong humanitarians is so valuable because it allows students to recognize the need that exists right in their own communities.

Jackie graduated from the University of Utah in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. She served as an intern for the Utah State Senate during the 2015 Legislative Session, and moved into a grant coordinating position in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for the following two years. She is very excited to transition into the nonprofit world, especially with an organization she feels so passionately about. In her free time, Jackie enjoys anything outside-especially if it involves the mountains. She thinks Utah is a pretty amazing place to live, and feels so lucky to have grown up here. That being said, she absolutely loves to travel, and experience new cultures, people, and places. You can always count on her to have some sort of trip planned for the future.


Office dog/greeter

Honey appears to be a sweet and innocent dog but comes from a very conflicted background. She was born on October 23rd to Mr. and Mrs. Airbud. Due to her lack of athleticism, Honey was not accepted into the pack and thrown out to fend for herself. She made a living caring and fetching papers for an old man but that life could never fulfill her. It was then that she committed her life to volunteerism and eventually became part of the Youthlinc family. She now dedicates most of her day to Youthlinc where she takes long, thoughtful naps between brief stints of play with each of the staff members. She also enjoys eating out of the garbage, drinking out of the toilet, and belly rubs.